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Welcome to the TIFI Coaches Corner

Here you will find information that is important to all coaches in TIFI including points of interest, rule changes, and important documents.  If there is something you will like to see added to the website, please contact our web master, Toby Harvey at gyroman2k@gmail.com

If you have any questions about TIFI rules, scores or standings, please contact Cheryl Davis at cheryl.davis@rocketmail.com

Good luck to all the teams in 2015!


Officials/Coaches Workshop

On TBD, an Officials/Coaches Workshop will be held in TBD.


The TIFI Rules and the NCAA Rules can be found through the "Rules and Regulations" link.





Per TIFI rule 1.04A, clubs are required to have 2 FCA certified coaches at every practice, club function, and game.  The rule requires that the AD and the Head Coaches of each level (Freshmen, Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) take the certification.  However, it is open to all coaches.   




Hey Ref!

Do you have a question you would like to ask a Ref?  Email our Head Official and Assistant Official your questions for a quick response.  They can answer any questions regarding NCAA rules or what happens on the TIFI fields.  Remember that officials are there to officiate the game.  They only enforce TIFI rules that involve the game of football itself.  Send your questions and comments to:


    Head Official:            Tony Hardeman    mrtref@sbcglobal.net

    Asst. Head Official:    Don Purdy




Where do I find it?

Are you looking for a particular rule?  Use this guide to know where to look in the TIFI Rules.  The link to the TIFI Rules can be found on the home page. 


    Coaches Badges on Sideline                    Rule 1.09

    TIFI Player age eligibility                        Rule 3.03

    Player Transfers and Intent to Returns     Rule 4.02

    Reserve Status of Players                       Rule 5.04

    Registration Weight Limits                      Rule 6.03  or Click here TIFI Weight Chart

    Weight Limits during season                   Rule 6.04 or Weight Chart above.

    Reassignment of Player                          Rule 6.05

    Protesting a Game                                 Rule 6.12

    Challenging a players age or grade           Rule 6.13

    Signature Challenge (identity)                 Rule 6.14

    Equipment                                            Section 7.00

    Practice Definition and Sessions             Rule 8.01

    Game Day Weigh In                              Section 9.00

    Minimum Play Exceptions                      Rule 10.02

    Violating Minimum Play Rule                 Rule 10.06

    League Assignments                              Rule 11.01

    Exchange Rosters                                  Rule 11.05

    Water Boys                                          Rule 11.10

    Game Scouting                                     Rule 11.23

    Sideline Deportment                              Rule 11.24

    Pets                                                     Rule 11.29

    Post Season Seeding and Tie Breakers    Rule 12.02

    Coaches Ejected                                   Rule 15.02 and 15.03


There are many rules that penalize Head Coaches if they are violated.  Please read the rules!






Frequently Asked Questions

Coming Soon!  If you have a question you would like to submit, please contact Cheryl Davis at cheryl.davis@rocketmail.com