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TIFI Program



***Windows 7, 8 and 8.1Users*** - the TIFI 2016 program will work  but you must change the directory when you install the program. Please insure that the install location is C:\Program Files\TIFI2016. Windows 7 may try to install the program to the C:\Program Files (x86)\TIFI2016 folder. When the program is installing, it will show you what location it is installing to, please insure it is correct or you will get an Error 76 message when you try to run the program. Note there is no space between TIFI and 2016...

To install the program, please copy the file below (TIFIProgram2016.zip) to a new folder on your computer and expand it (usually you can double click on the file and it will start the expanding process). Once you have expanded the files to your folder,  open the folder and double click on the Setup.exe file to start the install.


Some computers have security settings that do not allow the TIFI Program to alter files. It is suggested to allow the TIFI Program to run as an administrator on your PC. To do this, you must already have administrative rights on your PC. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\TIFI2016 folder and find the file titled TIFI2016.exe, right click on the file and choose Properties. Click the Compatibility Tab, enable the check mark next to "Run this program in compatibility mode for:", then change the drop down box to Windows XP (Service Pack 3). Also, under privilege Level, enable the checkbox next to the "Run this program as an administrator".

The data for the TIFI2016 program resides in the C:\Program Files\TIFI2016 folder. The files are labeled TIFI0F(1-20).dat for football and TIFI0D(1-20).dat for drill. Each number (1-20) represents a team (Example - Deer Park Tigers Football = TIFI0F1.dat). These files contain all the information you type into the TIFI Program.  If you have tested the program with dummy information and clicked Print or Save then you will need to clear this information prior to Registration Day. To clear it, simply delete all the TIFI0D(1-20).dat or TIFIF(1-20).dat files in the C:\Program Files\TIFI2016 folder. *** WARNING - If you delete these files after registration, you will lose all your player data***.

2015 Club data -

If you are using the computer your club used last year for registration, your files should already be located on the computer. However, if you need to download your 2015 club files that you turned in to TIFI, email Toby Harvey. Once you get the files, you will need to save them into the c:\Program Files\TIFI2015 folder. If your computer does not have this folder you must create it first. ** Windows 7, 8, 8.1 users may need to click the Compatibility Files button once you are in the C:\Program Files\TIFI2015 folder to copy your files to the correct place. The files contain all the data that was turned into TIFI last year. If you have a reserve player that is not listed, then your club did not turn in the correct data.



Deer Park Tigers TIFI0F1.dat TIFI0D1.dat LaPorte Texans TIFI0F9.dat TIFI0D9.dat
Deer Park Rams TIFI0F2.dat TIFI0D2.dat Alvin Raiders TIFI0F10.dat TIFI0D10.dat
Bay Area Sharks TIFI0F3.dat TIFI0D3.dat Barbers Hill Eagles TIFI0F12.dat TIFI0D12.dat
Clear Lake Space Raiders TIFI0F4.dat TIFI0D4.dat Santa Fe Braves TIFI0F14.dat TIFI0D14.dat
LaPorte Cowboys TIFI0F5.dat TIFI0D5.dat Clear Lake Falcons TIFI0F17.dat TIFI0D17.dat
Dickinson Gators TIFI0F6.dat TIFI0D6.dat San Jacinto Ravens TIFI0F18.dat TIFI0D18.dat
Pasadena Bears TIFI0F7.dat TIFI0D7.dat    
Alvin Yellowjackets TIFI0F8.dat TIFI0D8.dat