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TIFI All Stars




Congratulations on being selected to represent your organization in the 8th Annual All Star Classic!  It shows your dedications, motivation, talent, and love of the sport.



The game will be Blue vs Red.  The teams will be made up of Seniors not eligible to return next season due to grade or age from each Booster Club.  All players will play one side of the ball and will be declared as either offensive or defensive players before the start of the game.  There should be 22 starters and the final players will be utilized as subs and receive as much playing time as possible.  Players are to be at DP North Campus at 11am for warm up on game day.


Practices will be Monday thru Thursday from 6:30-8:00. Friday practice is at the coaches discretion. Red team will practice at the La Porte Cowboys practice field on Farrington in La Porte. Blue team will practice at the La Porte Texans practice/game field on Underwood in La Porte. Visit www.tifi.org for info.  Alternates can attend practice if they want, but can not participate until they are called up.  Alternates will only be called up by the TIFI AD. If you have an issue regarding practice, you need to contact the TIFI AD.  Players not attending practice will be replaced with an alternate unless they have approval from the TIFI AD.


Jerseys will be handed out on Thursday, November 21st.  Numbers will be given out 1-24 according to player size with number 1 being the smallest. 


Entry fee is $5 per person for adults, $1 for seniors and children.  You can prepurchase adult entry wristbands for $4 on Thursday, November 21st .


Game length, official scoring, and playing rules (except for minimum play rule) will be the same as conducted during the regular season. 


We are in the process of securing the person to video the game.  If this happens, DVDs can be purchased at the game and order forms will be available.  DVDs will be mailed within one week. 


Thank you for allowing your child to participate! It is an honor to have TIFI’s best on the field for one last game..

For more information, contact Cheryl Davis 832-419-6082 or cheryl.davis@rocketmail.com


YOUR 2014 ALL STARS.....

 If they are unable, an alternate will be called up.  Alternates are denoted by "*"