Texas Intercity Football, Inc.




TIFI Parents / Fans

Parent and Fan Information for game day:

No pets are allowed unless they are assisting the visually impaired.

No outside food or drinks are allowed.

There is a no tobacco policy at all game locations.

Only coaches with badges are allowed on the sidelines or in the team area.

Volunteers helping with the chains are NOT allowed to coach the players.

Parents or fans are not allowed to go to the team at half time. 

The team's coaches are the only ones that can converse with the team, even during

half time. Parents and players are reminded that they signed a Code of Ethics and

should refrain from derogatory remarks toward the opposing team, coaches, and fans.

Please remember that when you are hosting a team at your field, you should

treat them as welcomed guests.

Please remember that when you are visiting a field, you are guest in their house

and should conduct yourselves accordingly. 

Our club sites and locations are gracious enough to allow TIFI to play on their fields.

We should all treat the property with respect and clean up after ourselves. 

Please remember that everyone involved in YOUR club as well as the other clubs

are volunteers who have dedicated their time, effort, and support to the youth of TIFI.

Please make note of this information to save your club from being accessed

penalties or monetary fines!